Thierry (moydrumm) wrote in beauty_required,

Name: Thierry
Age: 16
Location: Vianen, The Netherlands
Sex: Male

Describe your destination in life: Well, I want to do something with art :P I like to become an art historian :P, no that's not a job for nerds! I just like to watch paintings. It feels so relieved to discover all those tiny scenes in a painting.
What is your taste of music (show us some bands or genres): Well, My number 1 favourite band is U2. But I also like Coyote shivers, that's an american punk/rock band from the early 90's :P and ehm, I like to go to reggae parties. I also like Virgin Prunes, that's a new wave band from the early 80's. Luie Hond!!! (dutch reggae) and ehm, Reel Big Fish. Pearl Jam. Well, I like more bands, but it's something like this.
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I'm also interested in art history- and that's rare enough to notice.
And well, obviously, it's not the only reason... ahem...
aren't you supposed to post your application behind a cut?
Yeah, but I forgot :P

Tell me, what's the other reason? :P


13 years ago


13 years ago

Of course.
Reel Big Fish? You're into art? Well, duh.

Plus you're hot...that never hurts :-)
Thanks! :P

Yeah, I'm into art :P
because I am listening to the funniest song ever and I love your second picture
Me too :P
Well, thanks :P

you're in! welcome!

vote, promote and be active!
Dankjewel Manon! ¦D
okay, honey, don't speak dutch here, my members are getting annoyed with it 8-)... Sorry :)


Re: accepted


13 years ago

I know it's too late, but a yes. the last photo! :)
Well, thanks Sam!